AccuQuilt Go 55100-3

AccuQuilt Go 55100-3 $199 Fabric Cutter 17x5x15.5″, 3 in 1 Die, 6Wx12H” Mat, Cut Multiple Layers, Handle, 15Lb, 54Op*2.5-6.5″ Squares Shapes Appliques

Free Die Plus 6×12″ Cutting Mat Included, 3 in 1 Die, *54 Optional 2.5 to 6.5″ Dies: Squares, Shapes, Appliques.

Free Die Plus an Included 6×12″ Cutting Mat, 3-in-1 Die, *54 Optional 2.5-6.5″ Dies Including Squares, Shapes, and Appliques.


The dimensions of the Mat have been adjusted by AccuQuilt. And the Die, well, it might be a 6×12 mat or a 10×10 mat.

Have a passion for quilting but hate the cutting? So do we. There is now a more effective approach to use GO! This is the AccuQuilt GO! The Cloth Cutter is an innovative new approach to the age-old problem of how to cut fabric. It is quick, accurate, and simple to use. Cut through a number of layers in a matter of seconds and without making any errors. Just precise cuts each and every time. Because quilts with superior cuts look nicer overall.

  1. Because the cutter comes with a free die and a cutting pad as standard equipment, you will be able to begin quilting as soon as the package is opened.
  2. Cutter dimensions: 17 “W x 5″D x 15 1/2″H (43 cm x 13 cm x 38 cm). Weighs 15 lbs.
  3. Consistent, precise cuts
  4. Transportable and lightweight (it only weighs 15 pounds),
  5. Easy-to-raise handle for transporting items
  6. Easy on the hands, with a comfortable grip on the roller handle
  7. The double roller configuration ensures smooth cutting.
  8. Magnetic latch
  9. While cutting, the rubber feet provide traction and help to keep the cutter in position.
  10. Work surface with a neutral and bright color scheme,
  11. Making it simple to see what you are doing.
  12. Surface that is both easy to maintain and very glossy
  13. Included with Your Purchase of the GO! Fabric Cutter
  14. Fabric Cutting Die from GO! offering the following three cutouts: Square-4 1/2″; Square-2 1/2″; Half Square-2 “Triangle in its Completed Form (cuts four shapes)
  15. Cutting Mat with GO! Logo, 6″W x 12″H
  16. Ideas for projects
  17. Die Hard Pick
  18. For optimal performance, ensure that your GO! cutter is constantly spotless and devoid of any lint at all times. Use a gentle, dry towel to clean the cutter on the inside as well as the outside. Abrasives, chemicals, and spray cleansers should not be used. In the event that it is required, first clean with a moist cloth, and then polish with a dry cloth. To remove lint from the roller region, you may use bottled air. It is not possible to purchase new components for the GO! fabric cutter.
  19. One-year limited warranty: We guarantee that your individual AccuQuilt GO! cutter will be free from faults in material or workmanship provided it is operated in accordance with the included instructions. Within the first year following your purchase, AccuQuilt will repair or replace the cutter at no additional cost to you in the event that you discover a manufacturing flaw. The guarantee is invalid if the product is used incorrectly, there is excessive wear and tear as a result of commercial usage, or the user causes harm to the product. This warranty only extends to the cutting device alone and does not cover mats or dies.
  20. Warranty Given by the US One year of limited coverage for flaws in both the materials and the craftsmanship of the product.
  21. Warranty outside of the US is valid for 30 days on parts and labor.


Warranty: AccuQuilt GO! dies come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Maintenance and care include using an adhesive roller to remove lint and thread from the dies. Remove any threads that have been embedded between the blades and the foam after each use of the cutter by using the die pick that came with it. It is not uncommon for threads to get entangled at the point where the blades of a die meet. Tweezers or a die pick may be used to remove it. Die blades never need to be sharpened.

Die Tips: After cutting some materials, you may find that one or more threads linger where the blades of the die meet. Cut the strands using a pair of scissors.

Make sure the cutting mats you use correspond to the size of each die.
Use die blades that run at an angle beneath the roller to provide the greatest possible cutting results. Never cut with the blades so that they are parallel to the roller.
Some dies include blades that are angled at an acute angle. Fabric should be aligned to the edge of the form, not the edge of the die board.
Some dies come with corners that have been specifically engineered to help with alignment and pre-cutting.
Applying fusible web to fabrics and then using dies to cut out designs makes appliqueing much faster.
To limit the amount that the cloth stretches, choose fabric of a high grade.
Before cutting a large number of forms, it is important to do a test cut on a single shape to verify that the cloth will be oriented properly.

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