Accuquilt GO Fabric Cutter Review

When you first take a look at the AccuQuilt GO, you may notice that it is designed to seem like a future typewriter. It even has a carrying handle and a rotary handle on the side. This incredible item is capable of collapsing and transforming into a flat machine that is ideal for cutting through a variety of sorts of cloth.

What is AccuQuilt Go?

The brand name AccuQuilt is well-known for its ability to assist quilters in reducing the amount of time spent cutting up and measuring parts for various projects. It’s quite unlikely that, after you’ve used AccuQuilt products, you’ll ever want to go back to the way things were done before! You only need to keep your palm steady and strong, and it will make all of the cuts you need using its value die, which is provided with your device.

According to the information provided on the AccuQuilt website, the cutting technology is capable of simultaneously slicing through as much as six layers of fabric in a single batch. Once the machine begins operating, you won’t want to return to the manual labor you were doing before since the ergonomic design of the machine has been optimized precisely to lessen the amount of effort you need to make. The fact that AccuQuilt comes with several great resources is what immediately turns quilting into a fun activity.

The fact that the AccuQuilt GO is so incredibly portable adds to the product’s already considerable appeal, making it even more of a must-have item for anybody interested in quilting, from the novice to the expert. You are free to bring it to whatever event you choose, whether it a festival, a retreat, a competition, or even a lesson. To begin unpacking it, you will just need to release the clasp and position the machine on a surface that is level and flat. After you have completed everything, just fold the ends up and fasten the clasp.

The most recent product from AccuQuilt has a number of useful enhancements. You can cut intricate geometric patterns and forms with a seam that is a quarter of an inch wide. Dog-eared corners eliminate the need for further trimming, and the cutting-edge Two-Tone Foam technology enables users of the Go! system to properly coordinate all of the fabric forms. This enables you to save more of your quilt material while also reducing the amount of material that is wasted.


Outstanding Construction Quality — AccuQuilt is well-known for producing goods of excellent quality, which is one of the company’s many strengths (displayed in their Go Big, Go, and Studio 2 machines). The handle on the side may be moved in either direction and turned extremely simply. Additionally, because to its strength, it is capable of simultaneously producing up to six different quilt materials.

Excellent Customer Service – We have included a DVD as an educational resource for those who are just starting out with quilting. AccuQuilt has developed high-quality educational resources that are suitable for teaching both inexperienced users and seasoned professionals in the most effective and productive methods to utilize their products. In addition to that, there is a knowledge database on this website, which contains much more pertinent information.

You May Make Use of a Wide Variety of Dies Users of AccuQuilt machines can create great work using the dies that come with the machine, and they also have the option to purchase additional dies separately if they so choose.

The more you practice, the more proficient you’ll become. – The more you use the AccuQuilt GO to cut fabric for quilts, the more proficient you will become at producing quilt-specific cuts. Additionally, you’ll finish your task much more quickly! You won’t have to spend any more time wasting it on the creation of your cuts.


Replacing Mats – Because employing cutting techniques guarantees that the mats will get worn out after just a few projects, you will need to make an investment in a number of mats. Be prepared to make quite a number of these purchases depending on the size(s) of the quilt(s) you want to make.

Dies that are not compatible with one another – Even while the AccuQuilt cutting products, like as AccuQuilt GO, are compatible exclusively with dies manufactured by the company’s own brand, you shouldn’t let this deter you from using them.


Even though the price tag on the AccuQuilt GO is somewhat high, you shouldn’t let that worry you. The many quilters and craft makers who use it now is evidence of the enormous value that it provides to those who purchase it. By forgoing the manual effort required to cut the quilt fabrics, you will not only be able to acquire the precise cuts you want but will also have more time to devote to enjoying the process. In conclusion, AccuQuilt GO is a remarkable product considering its cost!

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