3 Amazing and colorful Handmade DIY Paper Flowers

Wondering how to make handmade paper flowers at home? Do you love flowers but they don’t last that long? Are you thinking to make paper flowers instead but you’re not sure what types of paper for making a flower or how long do paper flowers last? 

If the answer is yes, check these 3 amazing DIY tutorials and start with your paper flower craft.

1. DIY Crepe Paper Fritillaria Tutorial

How to make small paper flowers step by step? See the complete tutorial here.


2. DIY Josef Frank Inspired Menorah by David Stark Design

Did you like the colors? Check out how did this paper flowers template was made in a step-by-step tutorial.


3. DIY Paper Icelandic Poppies

Isn’t it lovely and looks so real? Take a look at how did this crepe paper flower was made possible in this tutorial. 

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