March 9, 2021

There are few truly special and unique days in our lives. Everyone has unique days, such as birthdays and births in the family. Many people are fanatically scrapbooking their family photos into heirlooms for their children and grandchildren. However, there is one day that many of us experience that are truly unique-our wedding day.

Weddings are unique in many aspects; it’s difficult to have two weddings exactly the same. There is always some variable in how weddings differ from each other, but no matter what the differences are between your wedding and the Joneses down the street, this is YOUR day and it is special. This is a day you will likely treasure for the rest of your life. What better way to capture the entire event than by scrapbooking the event into a bound book that will last for decades?

There are of course the ‘normal’ scrapbooking practices-taking your photos and arranging them on pages. Pictures are cut out using special scissors and templates so that they fit best on the page you are creating. Pages are also adorned with backgrounds and stickers, buttons and baubles and many, many other creative ideas. The possibilities when scrapbooking your special wedding day are endless.

Think about your wedding, or your upcoming wedding, as the case may be. There are photos galore and photo opportunities galore. Photos of the wedding party, of the bride and groom, of the bride’s and groom’s families, as well as photos of the first dance the bride and groom share. There is also the opportunity for photos of the people in attendance at the wedding and at the reception. A photo of the bride’s mom crying gently into her hankie. A photo of the groom’s brother giving a toast at the reception. The cute little girl throwing flowers on the aisle.

Yes, there are a million photos that go along with your wedding day, but there are other things that are a part of your wedding that you can scrapbook and bind into a book.

Have you thought about including the invitation card, the table placard, the lace that those little chocolates were wrapped in, a piece of the plastic that made up the flowers that adorned your ‘just married’ sign on your car or the gold ring that held the wedding announcements together? These are all things that you can include in your book binding and scrapbooking of your wedding day.

Scrapbooks are beautiful pieces of artwork. The pages can last an eternity-especially if you bind them in a book. This form of altered book will be a keepsake for your family for decades to come. By book binding your scrapbooking pages, you can ensure that the fairy tale story of your wedding will remain intact and in proper order so that future generations of your family can relive your special day.

By organizing your photos and other sundries from your special wedding day, you can create organized and clear scrapbook pages that will tell the wonderful story of your special day. By scrapbooking and then book binding the scrapbooking pages, your hard work and creativity will create a family heirloom piece of art that tells a story.

Can you picture your great-granddaughter sitting down with her young child, your great-great-granddaughter decades from now and sharing the special story of your wedding? By book binding your scrapbooking pages, this beautiful scenario can be your family 60 years from now.

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