Business Cards For Crafting Business Profit

For many, crafting is a fun hobby. But many turn that hobby into a profitable business. If you sell your handcrafted items, you need to let people know. Business cards are one of the ways to do this. These inexpensive advertising items are essential for growing your craft business.

Customizable business cards are great for crafters who sell their work. Whether the selling takes place at online platforms like eBay, Etsy, or MadeItMyself, through individual websites, or at local craft shows and fairs, business cards are handy items to use in promoting craft sales. Tuck them into shipped items, so the buyer always has a ready way to find you again. The crafted item you are set to ship may be a gift for someone. Then you certainly want your card to go along.

My daughter found a perfect gift for me from an Etsy Shop. She had it shipped directly to me and with it came the crafter’s card. I was delighted to discover the shop that it came from. So boldly proclaim that you do sell craft items. Order business cards and keep them as part of your supply collection. Each of these cards is personalized for your unique craft business. Click on your favorite to see more about it, customize it, or browse even more crafter’s business cards.

Specialty Business Cards for Selling Crafted Items

If your craft is a specialty item, for example, crocheted animals, jewelry, or quilts, a business card showing your specialty is a valuable tool in your business promotions. You can choose from the cards created by talented designers or create your own. Upload your logo, photo, or any image you want to business card template. Here are some that I found most useful for ideas and creations for my own business cards.

Handcrafted By Design

Many of us create a variety of handcrafted items. Instead of a business card for just one of those crafts, you might prefer a card that is more general in its nature. Handcrafted by, or handmade by are good choices for your multiple craft items.

Profitable Uses for Your Business Cards

For those who have a physical location to sell their crafts, either your own shop, a booth in a craft mall, even a table at craft fairs, you will want to have your business cards available for customers to take away with them and share with their friends. Even those who just browse through your craft items may very well be a good promotion source for you. Make sure they take one of your business cards since they may decide they want to purchase one of your items later.

Online Craft Business Promotions

Those who sell their crafts through online sources like Etsy or eBay will find that business cards are a big promotion tool as well. My daughter ordered a handmade gift for me and had it sent directly to me. Enclosed was a business card from the crafter. From that card, I went to the Etsy shop and ordered 3 additional items for gifts. One sale turned into 4 for this craft business all because she had the good sense to enclose her business card.

Crafting businesses of all kinds need multiple ways to promote themselves. Business cards are one of those valuable tools in any crafters advertising tool box.

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