Craft Needle Organizers

With so many of us into the needlecrafts, a way to get and keep all those different-sized needles is a necessity. For me, knowing where I can find each size before I begin a new project is just so helpful.

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Best Everything Mary Zip Around Knitting Needle Storage Case

PREMIUM KNITTING NEEDLES STORAGE – This needle case is well made and sturdy. Everything Mary knitting needle cases are extremely tough and durable. Several storage spaces including zip around and clear pouch storage.

Organization Saves Money, too

How many times in the past did I find a new pattern that I wanted to try. I would end up not only buying the yarn or thread for it but also buying the size needles recommended because I couldn’t remember if I had that size at home or not.

Now, it’s simple. I know exactly which sizes I have and which I’m missing. I also can see quickly that I have 14 of the same size! That was my buying all those because I wasn’t organized.

Favorite Craft Needle Organizers

Here are some of my favorite organizers for craft needles. I like using different ones for different types of needles, like crochet hooks in one organizer and knitting needles in a different one. It certainly has made my life easier and will do the same for you.

You can also search for more options at Craft Needle Organizers. All are available through, probably the best online shopping source!

So get your own needles organized and ready for your next project. We all love crafting and now we can get ourselves better organized, spend less money, and spend more time on our projects. And that’s the way we want it to be.

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