Craft Organizers For Jewelry Supplies

Whether you make jewelry, or just have lots of small pieces for your favorite crafts, keeping them organized is a must.  There are many different varieties of small piece organizers. So you want to think about the various craft supplies you have, how many different styles and sizes you have, and how you like to work.

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Best Clear Plastic Organizer Box Storage Container Jewelry Box With Adjustable Dividers

Good jewelry organizer – Great for organizing earrings. See through cover makes for easy location of just the pair of earrings you are looking for. Accommodates hoops up to 1.5 to 2 inch diameter depending on the thickness. Latches secure tightly but lid is wobbly in hinges.

Jewelry Making Supplies Example

Let’s take an example and work through this process. I make jewelry, especially earrings that I sell to several gift shops. My craft supplies include both silver and gold hooks, silver and gold posts with backings, o-rings of many different sizes in both silver and gold, beads, stones, and other decorative items for my earrings.

Working Styles and Preferences

I like to have open and available to me all the things that I need when I’m working. But, I have a friend who likes to keep her supplies always closed up. We’ll talk about her in a moment. For me, I make use of several types of jewelry supply organizers. 2 of which have many little compartments. One is for my gold items and one for my silver items. Then I have one that is just for beads with lots of larger compartments and one that is just for the stones and other decorations. I can have open either the gold or the silver one, whichever I’m working on at the time, and have all of my little pieces available to me.

My friend uses a set of mini-drawers for her beads, stones, and other decorations. She uses several towers of round containers that screw into each other. This way, she only opens what she needs immediately, removes that item, they can close the whole thing back up. That’s the way she likes to work.

Clear Jewelry Supply Organizers

Personally, I prefer clear or opaque organizers for my small jewelry-making supplies. I can see what is in each compartment of the drawer easily. I’m not fumbling trying to remember which box I put which supplies in. Everything I need is right there in front of my eyes. Since I make my jewelry for profit, being organized and efficient not only saves me time in my busy world but increases the profit margin for my business.

So think about your craft supplies, the variations, and sizes that you have plus consider how you like to work on a craft. This will all dictate which jewelry supply organizers you will need and be able to work with easily.

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