Crafting A Traveling Crayon Case

Now that summer has here and vacations are on the agenda, one of the biggest challenges will be to keep the children entertained while travelling. We have an amusing and adorable suggestion for you. Create a portable crayon case for your children to use.

These wonderfully lovely crayon containers can be made, and the owner of the site These Moments of Mine, Shirley, provides a detailed instruction that can be followed step by step. For this, you will need some fundamental sewing abilities, but other than being able to stitch in a straight line, you won’t need to worry about any complicated techniques. Therefore, a simple device will serve your needs.

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Fabric, fusible fleece, and ribbon are the craft components that are required to complete this enchanting handmade creation. Simple, isn’t it? We have no choice but to believe Shirley when she says that this is really simple to do.

After that, we began to consider this concept more and came to the conclusion that it may easily be modified to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Try transforming it into a journal case for a more mature youngster if your children have outgrown their need for crayons. Make broader pockets (with fewer seams on each side) using your sewing machine so that they may contain scissors, markers, or stickers instead of constructing individual pockets for each crayon. Then place a little notepad in the middle of the package. Your older kid will value the chance to keep a journal of her observations and suggestions while you are travelling with you.

This concept may be adapted for use with travelling cases in any manner that you see fit. You will learn all that you need and much more if you follow Shirley’s recommendations.

Remember to bring your own DIY projects with you when you go on vacation. Making something while you’re on the go is a great way to pass the time and keep busy.

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