Crafting A Traveling Crayon Case

With summertime here and vacations in the plans, keeping the kiddies happy during the travel times is a challenge. We found a fun and cute idea for you. Make a traveling crayon case for your kids.

Shirley, author of the blog These Moments of Mine has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make these absolutely adorable crayon cases. You need some basic sewing skills for this, but other than sewing a straight line, you don’t have to worry about any fancy tricks. So a simple machine will work for you.

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Best Crayons 24 Count With Blue Super Stacker Plastic Crayon Box

Really like this crayon box! Perfect for traveling! – Great way to keep crayons from breaking… Strong case and perfect for a box of crayons! The crayons are in a nice box and there are plenty of colors.

The supplies for this charming craft project include fabric, fusible fleece, and ribbon. Simple, huh? Shirley promises this is super easy and we have to agree!

Then we started thinking about this idea and decided how simply it can be adjusted for many different types of uses. If your kids are a bit beyond crayons, try converting it to a journal case for an older child. Instead of making a pocket for each crayon, sew wider pockets – less seams on each side to allow for holding scissors, markers, or stickers. Then include a small notebook in the center. Your older child will appreciate the opportunity to record her thoughts and ideas as you travel.

Any way you want to adjust this idea will work for traveling cases. Shirley’s instructions show you everything you need to know and more!

While traveling, don’t forget you own crafting projects. Crafting on the go will help you pass the travel time as well.

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