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July 23, 2021

Mothers who enjoy crafting also enjoy gifts that work for their crafts. I’m one of those mothers. And I got a great tote bag as a gift. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, you can give your mom a special craft tote bag, too.

Organizers at Their Best

What I love best about my new craft tote is how much room there is for all the supplies and tools that I like to carry with me when I take a project along. My tote has lots of little extra spaces for the little extras that I like to use. But a friend of mine who is a knitter prefers the ones with plenty of open space. She carries along lots of yarn and needs room to add the project on top of the yarn.

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Favorite Gift Choices

When our crafting circle got together to admire the new tote bags that we received as gifts, we thought it was time to share our favorites with you. The one that I got as a gift is in the middle. Notice all the pockets! Our knitter’s tote is the black and white one. Just perfect for all the yarn and big projects she works with. Our artist member decided she wanted the first one. She thought it would be well for so many different crafts.

Keeping Crafty Mothers Organized

Craft supply organizers make great gifts for any crafty mother. Can’t we all use another way to keep our supplies organized?

Even extra supplies for her favorite craft would be appreciated. If your mother knits, give her many skeins of specialty yarn. If she’s a jewelry maker, try an assortment of unique beads or crystals for her. A scrapbooking mom would appreciate a new collection of scrapbook papers. You can find plenty more choices for crafty mom gifts at Craft Supply Organizers.

Remember to share this post with your children and hubby to help them pick out great Mother’s Day, birthday, or holiday gifts for you. They can always use a suggestion or two.

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