Creating memories on paper

One of the reasons that people do scrapbooks is because they want to preserve the memories of some great occasion or event. In fact, a scrapbook has long been synonymous with albums because it is primarily filled with pictures and memories. One difference with an album and a scrapbook is the fact that you can put a whole lot more in a scrapbook than just photos.

You can place three-dimensional objects that make the occasion more memorable and meaningful. Below are some occasions that people often create a scrapbook for. Read on and you might get some ideas on how to preserve memories in those occasions into paper.

Coming of a Baby

An ordinary baby album will probably contain the baby’s first photos but a scrapbook can contain not only the first photos but also some of the special milestones that the baby will go through in his first year. All the firsts that he will experience in his life can be documented in a scrapbook.

For instance, you can include the baby’s strands of hair after he gets his first cut. You can bind these and then place in a piece of see-through plastic. Another first are the nails that were first cut, both from the fingers of the hands and the feet. Parents can also include copies of special documents such as the birth certificate and the baptismal certificate.

Another great idea is to put the baby’s thumbprint, handprint and foot print. Some will also paste a piece of the baby’s first ultrasound photo, his first medical certificate and his first vaccination chart.

Wedding and wedding anniversaries

A wedding scrapbook may contain pictures at the wedding but it can also include wrappers from the gifts of the guests, wishes that the guests gave for the newlyweds and the gift cards that they have put on their gifts. This is one way to preserve the day not only for the newlyweds but also for their guests.

Another good idea is to document not only the wedding itself but also the days or months of preparation for the wedding. Photos can capture events like the bachelor’s party, the bridal shower and even the pre-wedding practice.

The scrapbook may also contain the invitation for the wedding, dried flowers from the bouquet of the bride, a piece of the garter, mayhap even the souvenir if one can manage to paste it on the scrapbook.


Another event that is worthy of reminiscing is the graduation. This marks the ending and the beginning of an old and a new chapter in a person’s life. A graduation scrapbook can contain the invitation for the event, the investiture that is usually given to the graduates, some pieces of strings from the tussles, and of course the photos of the graduates.

Corsages that are dried may also be put in the scrapbook if one can find a way to paste it in a flat surface.

If you can, you can also include messages from the graduate’s classmates and friends as well as to his or her teachers. Put the messages in a kind of message board.
If there are awards merited, one can put the medals or copies of the certificates in the scrapbook. If the graduate did a special address, a copy of the speech should also be included in the scrapbook.

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