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July 23, 2021

The luxury of having a room that is devoted just to our crafting is something not everyone can enjoy. For those of us who can, organizing it properly and efficiently is valuable. Whether you are creating a new craft room from a spare bedroom or reworking an existing craft room, there are many decisions to make.


Right off the bat, budget is probably the biggest consideration. Few of us have unlimited funds to create a space for our crafting. So you need to consider how much money you can devote to creating your craft room. Your two biggest expenses will be furniture and lighting. Furniture that is comfortable, both from a sitting position and a standing position is important considerations. A well-lit workspace along with well-lit storage areas will also be important considerations. So plan your budget with these things in mind.

Although furniture and lighting are typically expensive stuff, there are ways to keep the costs down. Consider used furniture and lights from flea markets and yard sales. Look around your own living quarters. Do you have pieces that could work well in your craft room? Let friends and relatives know. They may have the perfect item and they have been hanging on to it just because they didn’t know what else to do.


Now that may sound unnecessary to many of you, but it really can be helpful to think about. Do you want your craft room to be open where you can easily see all your supplies? Or would you prefer those craft supplies to be furniture that can be closed? What about the style? Vintage- or antique-styled furniture makes a statement about you, as does modern and sleek. And there are many options in between.

What color schemes make you happy, relaxed, or inspired? Does clutter drive you nuts, or make you feel at home? All these things are important for you to consider when designing your own craft room.

Work Space

The table you work from is something else to keep in mind. If you work with large craft items, you will need a large table. If you are lucky enough to have space and work with different types of crafts, you may consider more than one table. A large table that you can easily walk around for the bigger crafts and a smaller table for working on things like jewelry. These two work tables can be set up separately. For instance, you may want to keep out on your small table your standing-alone magnifying glass and set up a simple Lazy Susan to hold all your jewelry-making tools.


With all crafts come craft supplies. We just can’t get around that. So you need storage. With an open-style theme, bookshelves and wall shelves make excellent and inexpensive storage options for your craft supplies. If neat and closed-up are more your style consider getting things like chests of drawers to store your extra supplies.  Entertainment cabinets with doors also make usable options. If your room has a closet, you can add shelving inside the closet.

The amount of storage will depend on the number of craft supplies you have and like to store away. If you love working on many different types of crafts, you will most likely have tools and supplies specific to each craft. They certainly wouldn’t be out on your work table all the time. So you need to have a place to store them away in a well-organized fashion.

Also, consider containers that will keep your craft supplies clean and dust-free. Make sure you have containers appropriate for the supplies. If you work with small items, your containers should have snug-fitting lids. You don’t want to pull a shoebox off a shelf and end up dumping the whole box of beads on the floor.


Since you have a whole room dedicated to your crafting talent, making sure it inspires you when you go into it is important. You are a creative artist, remember! Use wall space to put up pictures of your craft. Even hang your own creations that you are particularly proud of. Set on shelves and cabinet tops those items that cause you to say “wow.” Make your craft room a place that invites you in to create.

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