Cruise Holidays To Remember

Taking a cruise can be a “once in a lifetime” experience and capturing your memories will ensure enjoyment for years to come. Don’t think that mental pictures will last forever; reminiscing over a dream cruise vacation is so much more meaningful when you have something tangible.

Bringing a camera with you is a given but don’t rely on your old 35mm or disposable cameras. These have unpredictable results. Invest in a nice digital camera that is lightweight and “point and shoot”. These not only take excellent pictures but you can view your photos right away and won’t have to wait to develop the film. You can also easily send your photos to your friends and relatives via the internet right when you return from your cruise. More expensive cameras also have a video option that can capture the action of your holiday. Bring at least one extra memory card since your sure to be taking many pictures.

You can get the entire family involved in taking photos. If you’re kids are old enough, let them have the camera to take pictures. If they’re young, buy a few disposable cameras so they can enjoy in the fun of creating memories of their holiday. If you’ll be doing some snorkeling or fishing, consider buying a waterproof disposable camera that won’t get ruined if it gets wet.

Many feel awkward about taking pictures since they feel like a silly tourist but if you’re on a cruise then everyone is a tourist. Feel free to ask others to take pictures of you and your family. Take pictures with the crew; they won’t mind since they’re used to it. Take candid pictures of your family enjoying themselves and enjoying the cruise. While pictures of landscapes and ocean views are beautiful, pictures with the family capture the best memories.

A cruise is a perfect place to write in a journal. You can document your adventures and while it takes some effort, it will definitely be enjoyable reading for years to come. You can take excerpts from your cruise and blog at ports of call or when you return.

Collect odds and ends from your cruise such as ticket stubs, matchbooks and menus. Though they may not be appreciated right away, they will provide for lasting memories.

Making a scrapbook is very popular for keeping memories alive. You can print photos, add ticket stubs and include quotes from your journal entries. The scrapbook can be used for years to come to reflect on your exciting cruise.

A cruise is sure to be an enjoyable and exciting vacation. Though it may not seem necessary while you’re on holiday, taking photos, keeping a journal, and keeping souvenirs will help preserve your wonderful memories for years to come.

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