Die Cutting

Die Cutting is a procedure by which a material is cut to an exact design or shape with the help of a die. It is a creative process similar to cookie cutting. It involves the cutting of shapes from plastic sheets using a shaped knife and pressing the edge into one or more layers of sheeting. After completing the cutting, a certain pressure is applied using mechanical or hydraulic presses. Die cutting is sometimes known as dinking or blanking.

For cutting a wide range of objects simply and quickly, the machines use steel rule dies. Use of scissors demands more patience and time. Die cutting makes the tedious job of cutting various shapes and letters faster and easier. The materials that can be die cut include sheet magnet, heat and shrink plastic, foil, self-adhesive rubber, fabric, paper wood, poly foam, faux fur, leather, sponge and thin metal.

Different types of die cutting are available. The most popular are the steel rule, rotary, laser and ultrasonic processes. Rotary die cutting is also known by the name gasket die cutting. It is usually utilized for foam, rubber and plastics. Steel rule dies are commonly used to cut folding cartons, corrugated boxes, gaskets, fabric, plastics and composites. For the thermoplastic materials that tend to fray easily, ultrasonic die cutting is ideal. Laser cutters are used to cut acrylic, copper, brass, aluminum and cured fiberglass.

The die cutting process is found in several areas of industry. A distinctive shape is an important aspect for active sales products; so die-cut labels are real marketing instruments. Teaching and library aids, educational and math manipulatives, greeting cards and invitations, personal keepsakes and scrapbooks are created by die cutting. This process also produces home decors, stationery and classroom projects. In addition, die cutting has immense potential in the fields of digital book embellishments, fashion design and accessories, as well as traditional crafts.

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