July 6, 2021

Next to Christmas cards, Valentine cards are the second most popular greeting cards in the United States, with more than one billion V-day cards sent every year. For sure, you have received tons of the same old Valentine’s Day cards since you-don’t-know-when. And most likely, you have grown tired of them. After all, simple cards may mean that the sender has not made much effort of giving you something more special for the occasion. Even buying and giving plain greeting cards can be boring. Why don’t you spice up the holiday by creating something unique and different like a popup card?

The best thing about making your own popup V-day card is that you can show your creativity and love for the card’s recipient without costing you much. All you need are the following simple materials: paper, pen, ruler, scissors, and printer. And since you make the card on your own, the card would mean so much that the recipient will treasure it for a lifetime.

Follow these four easy steps to be able to create a unique and memorable popup greeting card that you will give to your beloved on February 14.

1. Choose a high-quality paper.

The best places to find the right paper for your popup card are office supplies stores. Some of these stores feature scrapbook items, including paper in packages or individual sheets. Great color choices for V-day cards are pink, red, and cream. It is recommended that you buy a few 20- to 25-pound colored sheets. As for the thick card stock, look for plain white or other color that blends well with that of your chosen thin colored paper.

2. Print your greeting.

On your word processor, create a message that you will use for the popup card. This will make a professional yet personalized touch on your card. Make your message short but sweet. You can go romantic or cutesy, but don’t make your message an epic that’s hard to digest in one glance. When you’re done, print your message.

3. Cut and fold the paper.

Generally, greeting cards are not simply 8.5×11 papers that you fold in half. You will need to trim your card to make it a bit smaller. Next, fold the paper in half, making sure that your printed greeting will fit into the area. Then fold the paper again from the opposite side. Press the edge of the paper using a ruler.

Here’s how to make a heart popup: draw a half heart shape on the outside of the card so that when it’s opened, a full heart shape can be seen on the outer area of the card. Then fold the card and cut carefully through the heart’s edges. But be careful not to cut the entire heart shape. Just leave the edge along the upper part of the card uncut.

Now, open the card. Voila! The heart shape will pop up.
4. Do the finishing touches.

Paste your printed message on the inner part of the card. You can out drawings, stickers, or anything related to Valentine’s Day on the popup card.

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