May 25, 2021

Ex boyfriend pictures, keep them or toss them? I almost always recommend to never throw away pictures. At some point you might wish you had a memento of the time you and your ex shared. Obviously, if the time you spent together was bad, such as in the case of abuse, then by all means, toss those pics… heck, burn them.

But, if your relationship was a “normal” one that had a lot of good times, at least in the beginning, and some day in the future you might want to remember parts of it, then I would recommend keeping them safe and sound.

What I think is a mistake is to keep your exes pictures in plain sight. If you are trying to get over a painful breakup, why in the world would you keep a picture right where you can see it on a daily basis and feel pain on a daily basis?

Just tuck the old pictures some place safe like a scrapbook or an old shoe box. It really doesn’t matter as long as they aren’t sitting on your dresser or hanging on your wall.

After all, at some point you are going to start dating again and your new guy is not going to want to see pictures of the old guy right there in your home.

If you don’t want to keep them, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away, you may want to ask your ex if he wants them. Of course, if he is in a lot of pain his knee jerk response may be no.

If he says he doesn’t want them either, don’t let that drive you into a tail spin of depression. It might just mean that it’s too painful for him too.

Ex boyfriend pictures should not be the source of pain or a constant reminder of something that is over. It’s usually best to not do anything rash when you are in pain, so for now, just tuck them somewhere safe – but out of sight.

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