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July 23, 2021

If you have crafters on your gift list, here are gift basket ideas for crafters. Ideas, suggestions and tips to help you create a perfect gift basket. As crafters, we all love to get more supplies, organizers and always new ideas. Whether it’s the serious side of crafting or the fun and whimsical side, we have ideas to help you with the best gift basket.

First Considerations for a Gift Basket

Whenever you start putting together a gift basket, the first thing to think about is what will o into it. You want to think about the size of the gift basket. Usually, the more items you want to include, the more expensive the total price will be.

But not always. Many craft supplies are inexpensive, so you can include lots of those without upping the price too much. This depends on the craft preference of your recipient.

The number, and of course, size of the items, will also help you determine the size of the container.

Gift Basket Ideas for Crafters

Here are some suggestions for things to include in gift baskets for crafty people:

  • Assortment of needles, different sizes, and matching their preferred craft.
  • Needle organizers
  • Several different sizes scissors. Even add in a unique looking one.
  • Fun supplies, like new colors of yarn, pretty ribbons, metalic threads, etc.
  • Interesting patterns – those kind of things that your crafter might be interested in trying.
  • Print out tutorials for a new craft project that might interest your crafter.
  • Assortment of glues and a glue gun.
  • A new holiday craft kit

Keep in mind your gift recipient and her preferred craft. Unless you know for sure that she would like to try out a new craft, keep with items that will work for the craft.

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Baskets and Containers for Gifts

Gift baskets don’t need to be taken literally. In other words, you don’t need to put the items in a woven basket. Try out other types of containers that work great for crafters.

  • Large craft supply organizers
  • Craft project tote bags
  • Small piece organizers
  • Even laundry baskets can make fun gift baskets

Be Creative With Your Gift Basket

The more fun and interesting you gift basket is the more delighted your crafty recipient will be. So pick items that can have a bit of fun to them as well. Even things that work well to help their craft room or work area can be great choices.

Lumbar pillows, crafty wall clocks, treasure boxes for those small items, even service trays with a crafty theme are fun things to include.

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