halloween candy and decorations
July 25, 2021

As you start thinking about fall, a crafty mind tends to look for fun holiday projects. And Halloween is a natural choice. I have two fun Halloween projects to showcase for you. Both are easy to do with a little help from these tutorials.

The first is from our friend, Sylvestermouse. She has put together the perfect tutorial on how to make a beaded Halloween pin. It’s a charming little ghost that is done in cross-stitch on plastic canvas. A full step-by-step tutorial, she shows you how to create this Halloween pin. But she goes beyond that. You can turn the little ghost into a refrigerator magnet, even a framed decoration for your Halloween home. Don’t feel bad if you want to make him, but don’t have all those supplies. She also gives the opportunity to buy the kit for the little guy.

The next project for Halloween happens to be one of my own. It’s for quilters, but this one is easy to do even for novice quilters. Making a Batty Halloween Quilt explains how to pick fabrics, quick cutting and quick piecing the whole top together. The final step is to add an applique of a flying bat. Then use the quilt to drape over a couch or chair and add to your Halloween decorating. Basic quilting skills are all that’s needed to make this pattern. I kept the size to be a lap quilt so that you can easily make it in a day.

When you want a craft project that you can easily complete in days coming up to Halloween, both the beaded cross-stitch Halloween pin and the Batty Halloween Quilt are fun choices for you. If you do make one or both of these, send us pictures. We would love to show off what you have done.

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