Holiday Pictures

While on a cruise, you may want to take pictures as a way to preserve the memories of the wonderful time you had. Pictures of sights, views, friends, and events are the types of pictures the many people take when they are on a cruise, especially those that allow passengers to visit different port cities along the way. Because most people will only take one or two cruises in their lifetime, it is important that they have pictures to show other people and as a way to remember the trip years later.

Unfortunately, after the cruise is over, the pictures sit undeveloped for weeks, months, or even years. While most people have digital cameras, the images from their cruise are never downloaded onto a CD or they are put into a file folder never to be seen again. If you want to create something special for your pictures, creating a scrapbook is one way to preserve your pictures and the memories you have of the cruise.

Scrapbooks are very easy to create and can last for many years. Buying a few supplies including water resistant book, photo glue, and decorative accents are all you will need. Developing pictures from your vacation is the next step. After printing your pictures, you will be ready to add them to the scrapbook. This can be done any way you want it to be. Use your imagination and have a good time reminiscing about your trip.

If you don’t want to create a scrapbook, but you want to preserve the pictures so friends and family can look at them later, buy an acid proof box and have your pictures developed. Placing them in this box will protect them for many years. There are many types of boxes available with pretty designs to choose from.

In addition to pictures, you can add cocktail napkins, show tickets, and any other items you may have kept from your cruise. These are small items that will bring back many memories. Keep these items in your memory box with your pictures so you will have many stories to tell later on.

Taking pictures while on vacation may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you begin, you will find yourself taking pictures of everything you see. Even though some of your pictures will not be worth saving because they were out of focus or they did not have enough light, most of them will tell the story of your holiday.

If travelling with a group, designate one or two people to take pictures so all the events will be photographed. You can share pictures through email later on and let people choose which pictures to print. Some people do not enjoy taking pictures, so only ask those who want to take them during the trip. Documenting your trip by taking pictures is a great way to remember the trip later on and be able to tell others about it.

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