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July 25, 2021

Crocheting is a fun and potentially lucrative hobby. We have a friend, nicknamed Wednesday Elf, who crochets darling animals and sells them on Etsy – an online source for handcrafters to sell their wares.

Wednesday Elf is a generous soul and she graciously shares how to make a baby octopus with us. Her instructions are clear, with plenty of photos, as she goes through the step-by-step crocheting of this darling pattern. The finished product is a sweet little 2 inches tall and about 6 inches across the tentacles.

She doesn’t stop there, though. Our “Elf” friend goes on to show you have to make a two-color octopus, how to make a Mama octopus, even offers great suggestions for what to use these charmers for. My favorite option is a gift package topper. While she may suggest that for a baby gift, I think it would be delightful on just about any gift.

Mountainside Crochet is her store on Etsy and definitely worth checking out. She has wonderful little crocheted creatures and is happy to make them in your color choice. Just spending a few minutes touring around her store and you will see why I like it so much!

So be sure to check out How to Crochet a Baby Octopus and create one or more of your own little charming octopi. You’ll be glad you did.

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