How To Make A Birth Announcement Magnet?

One of my favorite photo crafts turns out to be a gift for new parents. I make birth announcement magnets. It’s a really simple craft project and can use recycled items as well.

To make a birth announcement magnet you will need just a few craft supplies. A pair of scissors, of course, a magnet (more about this in a moment), glue and a birth announcement.

When I receive a birth announcement in the mail, I make a copy for me to keep and use the orginal to make the magnet. If I know the parents very well, I will make use of just the photo of the baby. Otherwise, I try to use the whole announcement.

On to the subject of the magnets. You have two options here. One is to make use of those advertising magnets that you often get in the mail. Some are large enough to work for the whole birth announcement, but others may require that you cut down the announcement to the right size. Place the magnet on top of the photo and trace where you will cut.

Craft supply stores carry new magnets in many different sizes and even sheets. The full sheets work very nicely for a whole announcement. But, again, you can cut both the birth announcement and the magnet down to size.

If you are especially talented, scan the photo only into your computer and create your own design for the magnet. I’m not that skilled so I just use the one sent to me.

When using recycled magnets, you may need to test the glue. Some of the surfaces have a cover to them that makes paper glue hard to stick. Again, your craft supply stores carry different types of glues.

To find more fun and exciting photo craft ideas check out Crafts Using Pictures. I have found many new craft ideas that I want to try out. Hopefully, you will, too.

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