How To Make A Lap Quilt? – Quick & Easy For Beginners

In honor of National Craft Month, which is March, and to honor National Quilting Day, which is the third Saturday in March, we are sharing with you our love of quick quilting. Would you like to make a laptop in a few hours? Then you have come to the right place.

Our quilting fanatic shared a tutorial on how to Quick Quilt a Scrap Quilt. We’re talking pictures, detailed instructions, just about everything you need, including the supplies to use. She takes you through all the steps and shows you the process in full of doing this craft.

If you want to know how she makes a quilt top for a lap quilt quickly and easily, see her Batty Halloween Quilt. She shows you step by step how to make a lap quilt in a matter of only a few hours. Then you end up with a cute holiday quilt to decorate you home.

We love fast and easy things sometimes. Other times, we do like to make creations that take longer and end up as more masterpieces. But, when you want to take your quilting into easy completion, try out these pages. You may surprise yourself that you can actually finish something like a lap quilt.

So, celebrate National Quilting Day and National Craft Month by getting out your favorite quilt supplies, plan a quick and easy lap quilt then quick quilt it, all in a matter of less than a day!

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