How To Organize & Arrange Craft Supplies In A Small Space On A Budget?

Organizing all the supplies that you have for the crafts you enjoy will make your life easier and the craft activities more successful. If you enjoy multiple types of crafts, like some needlework, some paperwork, some fabric work, etc., you probably have hundreds of items that go with those crafts.

There is a simple process to getting this all organized. Even if it feels overwhelming to you, you can achieve an organized world of crafting.

The first step is to take it one step at a time. Please don’t plan a full day or week or month just to get your craft supplies organized. Instead, plan out when you will take each of the steps.

Now here are those steps:

  1. Pile up all those kits, projects and pieces that you really aren’t sure you want to finish or use. For some, that may mean boxing these up and sticking in a closet for the time being. For others, this may mean the trash pile. Either way, just start by collecting them all together in one place.
  2. Collect together in one place all the kits, projects and pieces that you know you want to keep or finish or use. It may a Christmas project that you purchased on sale after last Christmas and you know you will make for the coming Christmas. It may be leftovers from a project that you really enjoyed and know that you will be doing more of the same. Whatever the reason, get those all together.
  3. Sort the keepers into the type of craft they are. Yarn pieces that will work for doll’s hair is not the same as yarn skeins that will be used for a crocheted afghan. All the pieces that will work for crafting that lovely little doll should be grouped together. If you do lots of different types of crafts and have many pieces that will work for multiple projects, you don’t need to duplicate, you just need to sort them as a separate group. Googly eyes is a great example. I use them for silly quilt designs, crocheted animal dolls and greeting cards for the grandkids. Googly eyes have their own little box.
  4. Determine where you will be using various craft items. Knitting in front of the TV may mean that you keep your current knitting project in a container next to the sofa. Projects that require your kitchen table may mean that you keep those supplies in a special container to be brought out when you have the time and put away before meals. If you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your crafting, then you can have a more elaborate storage system.
  5. See what storage boxes you have around the house. Shoe boxes can work very well for some things, but they will be a bad choice for beads and buttons and certainly won’t hold larger project items. Put together your wish list of containers and storage boxes. Pick out items like a fishing tackle type box for jewelry making, but large size covered containers for holding multiple skeins of yarn. A file box with appropriate-sized files for paper projects. You’ll want these containers to be appropriate and safe for all the project supplies.

Keep going and sorting, a little at a time if necessary, until you have a place for everything and everything in its place. Even if this takes you many sorting sessions, be patient with yourself and keep going. When all is finally sorted and put away, you will be thrilled at how much easier your time will be spent with crafting instead of searching for this or that piece. Plus you’ll save yourself money and time by not having to run to the craft store every time you want to start a new project. Or worse, in the midst of a project.

With organized craft supplies, you’ll know quickly what you have and what you need for a particular project and be able to find your supplies immediately. How wonderful is that?

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