Never underestimate the power of a little bracelet. Made from beautiful Japanese kimono fabric, these bracelets have three spheres that represent family, friendship, and love. Some believe that once tied to your wrist, they may also bring you luck.Chirimen is one of Japan's most celebrated fabrics thanks to its use in breathtakingly gorgeous and elegant kimonos. However, it is also tough and practical in many ways. It is made by weaving plain silk yarn and characterized by little bumps on its surface. We use Nikoshi Chirimen, made in the Tango Peninsula, located in the northern part of Kyoto
July 23, 2021

One of our favorite ways to organize our craft supplies is with a rolling cart. The Honey-Can-Do cart is a great option and one that we all have and use frequently. A few of us even have multiples dedicated to different crafts. Here’s why we think this one is awesome.

The Drawer Space in This Organizing Cart

Just look at all the drawer space it has. Imagine how many craft supplies can fit in those drawers. You can work with several different types of crafts all in one cart with these varying-sized drawers. They are sturdy, too. The drawers are also semi-transparent so you can easily see what’s in each drawer. But the whole look remains neat, not cluttered.

Honey-Can-Do Top Surface

My personal favorite feature is the top surface. I use mine for so many different things. That surface stands at 29 inches from the floor, so it’s high enough to work from without back strain.

Craft Space on Wheels

One member of our group doesn’t have a dedicated craft room or area. She has to do her crafting on her kitchen table. Her Honey-Can-Do cart just gets rolled out of its closet and right to the table where she has all her supplies ready to work on her favorite craft project. When it’s time for dinner preparations, she just rolls the cart back into its closet. How simple is that?

I do have a craft room where I work on all of my many crafts. I like to use my Honey-Can-Do cart to sort and store supplies from several different crafts. I roll it over to my work table when I will be crafting something big, but I can also do smaller projects right on the cart top.

You can get a Honey-Can-Do cart for yourself, or find more craft supply organizing options right here on this site. If you have a favorite organizer, let us know. We may feature your choice here as well.

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