How To Organize & Protect Photos For Craft Use?

If you use photos in your craft projects, you really do need to keep them organized and protected properly. Physical photos will deteriorate if allowed to. Sunlight fades photos, moisture and humidity degrade the paper, and temperature fluctuations can damage the print.

Keeping Photos Protected

Typically, photos are kept in albums. But, make sure you use albums designed to protect photos. Use acid-free glues if you are attaching photos to album pages.

If you prefer to use an organizer to store your photos, be sure to get one that is designed to protect those precious prints. This one is the favorite of our photo craft experts. Click on the image to see more about it and get one for yourself.

Extra Copies for Special Photos

Make extra copies of your most precious photos. We like to keep those originals safely away from our craft projects so we don’t accidentally use one in a craft project. Also, the extras will help you in the horrible case of losing or destroying the original.

Using Your Craft Photos

While I was having fun with learning to play with a Smash Book, I also learned some fun and interesting ways to use those extra copies of photos. Cropping them into interesting shapes then using those cropped versions can give you some fun effects. I also had ideas for using some of those cropped-off edges! Therefore, I saved just about every piece of a photo. Those little scraps can come in handy when you get creative with your scrapbooking or Smash Booking.

Special Photo Keepers

A great thing about the craft organizer manufacturers is that they understand how to keep safe the photos we want to use. That’s what makes using an organizer just for photos make great sense. Of course, there are many options to consider. Take a look at Photo Organizers to see lots more choices. Iris Organizers makes the one I featured above, but Cropper Hopper is another good choice.

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