How To Organize & Protect Photos For Craft Use?

If you plan on incorporating photographs into your handmade creations in any way, you really must stay on top of organising and protecting them. If you don’t take care of your physical pictures, their quality will suffer over time. Photos become less vivid when exposed to sunlight; high levels of moisture and humidity accelerate the deterioration of paper; and changes in temperature may ruin the print.

Keeping Photos Protected

Albums are the most common storage medium for photographs. However, you should be sure to pick albums that are specifically made to safeguard photographs. When you are glueing images to book pages, you should only use glues that are acid-free.

If you would rather put your photographs in an organiser, you should be sure to get one that has special features to safeguard the valuable pictures you have. Our photo craft aficionados unanimously agree that this is their favourite. Simply click on the picture to find out more information and to purchase one for yourself.

Extra Copies for Special Photos

Create backup copies of the photographs that are most important to you. We like to store those originals in a secure location that is apart from our various craft projects so that we do not inadvertently utilise one of them in one of our projects. Additionally, the other copies will come in handy in the unfortunate event that the original is misplaced or destroyed.

Using Your Craft Photos

While I was having fun learning how to play with a Smash Book, I also discovered some fun and creative ways to utilise those additional copies of images. These techniques can be used to any situation when you have extra copies of a photo. You may create some amusing effects by first cropping them into intriguing shapes and then utilising those cropped copies of the image. I also had some thoughts on how I might use some of the corners that were cut off! As a result, I made sure to save almost every aspect of a photograph. When you want to be creative with your scrapbooking or Smash Booking, those small bits might come in helpful and help you do so.

Special Photo Keepers

One of the many wonderful things about the producers of craft organisers is that they are aware of how to ensure the safety of the photographs that we want to utilise. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to use a separate organiser only for photographs. Obviously, there is a wide variety of choice available to think about. Check out our Photo Organizers for a wide variety of more options. Cropper Hopper is another option, in addition to the one that is made by Iris Organizers, which I highlighted before.

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