How To Start Cross Stitch For Beginners?

We are taking February as the month to learn a new craft. And have we found some good basics instructions. Ever wonder how those wonderful cross stitch arts are done? Here is the answer to that.

 Our friend Sylvestermouse shares just how to do cross stitch. She put together an excellent tutorial showing clear instructions for how to make a darling little mouse picture. And in the process, teaches you all the steps to learn cross stitch.

Sylvestermouse starts off explaining the terms used in cross stitch lingo, shows you just what craft supplies you need, and clearly instructs you in how to make each stitch. She includes many pictures to enhance her great instructions, too.

But, she doesn’t stop there. She goes on to tell you how to finish off a project so that it’s usable in your home or as a delightful gift to give. Although her current project is a very detailed masterpiece of art work called “Moon Dragon”, she does advise to start off with small, simple projects. You need to get your feet wet and practice your newly learned skills.

Kits are the best and easiest way to get started with any new craft skill. Not only do you have the image and the instructions ready for you to make, but kits also include all the craft supplies you need. In cross stitch, that also includes the needle. So you are ready to go.

Here is a favorite kit that you can get started with. It’s one that I’ve made. Even though I’m now a bit more experienced with cross stitch, the simple kits still work great for my take-along projects.

So take some time and learn a new craft. Get yourself a kit with all the supplies you need included and get started. You will delight in the accomplishment of a new way to create your own art.

Then keep a watch. We have another “learn to” on the way.

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