How To Start Selling Crafts Online At Home For A Profit?

At Organize Craft Supplies, we continue our Crafting for Profit series by preparing for online sales. The Internet is a powerful way to get your handmade items in front of the buying public. But, we certainly need to make it clear that this takes work. The same kind of work that any venture requires.

Do Your Homework First

If you’ve never heard of, or haven’t used, online selling sites, you need to get familiar with them. There are several that can help you with your sales. You need to clearly understand how to work with these sites. All of them give you tutorials on how to set up your own shop. How to make up great displays. How sales are handled. Read information, watch tutorials, and learn the basics first.

Since each place has its own lessons, we won’t go into that here. Instead, we will offer you tips that apply to all the sites. And offer you ways to keep your life organized and under control.

Here are the top sites to begin with. But, do a little more research and search out other options online.

  • – here you set up a shop all your own, design it how you like and sell within their categories of hand crafted items.
  • – another site designed around selling your unique hand crafted items.
  • – yes, the famous auction site is another place to sell your craft items.
  • – for designers and artists, you put your designs on their products.
  • – similar to Zazzle, where your designs go on their products.
  • – another artists’ site geared for more artistic works, again your designs, their products.

For the first 3 sites, Etsy, MadeItMyself and eBay, you pay them a little something for being able to list your products, plus pay a small percentage of the sale price when your item sells. With the last 3, Zazzle, CafePress and Redbubble, you get a commission when an item with your design on it sells.

Crafting for Profit Online Preparation

No matter where you plan to sell your items, make sure you take great photographs of your items. Your photo will be the most important factor. Think about it. Your potential buyers have no way of holding, handling or viewing your items in person. They will trust your pictures more than anything else.

You will give them a description that includes dimensions, product materials, etc. That will just augment the photo of your item. So taking clear, sharp, quality photographs is vital. If you need help with picture-taking, stay tuned. It’s one of our upcoming articles. In the meantime, practice. We cannot stress this enough.

The Business of Crafting for Profit

So, get your research done about where the places online are. Learn about them, their rules, and fees. Decide which place you want to start. Practice your photo-taking. Prepare your craft items and store them properly. If haven’t already, then get your crafter business cards and be prepared to hand them out everywhere. You are crafting for profit now. This is your business.

Finally, keep a watch on this series. We are working to help you succeed.

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