How To Start Your Own Scrapbook Making Business

The Scrapbook industry is one of the biggest industries in the country. According to studies, the scrapbook industry earns about $3Billion each year and this figure keeps on growing. For creative people scrapbooking can be a very lucrative home based business that is done from the comfort of your own home. If you are creative and you know how to make use of whatever materials that you have available, this business will not require a large amount of captial to get started. With just your creativity and a few supplies you can ready create good scrapbooks.

Learning the art of scrapbook making:

Starting out a home-based scrapbook making business is fairly easy if you are naturally creative and artistic. Make sure to learn everything you can about scrapbooking, before you start your business. First, learn all the different techniques of scrap book making that you can. Enroll in any classes you can find in your community that will teach you many unique scrap book making ideas. Read as many books and magazines you can find. Practice what you learn and then put into the mix along with your own creative ideas. Remember, scrapbooking is an art so be creative and the more unique your scrap books are the more clients you will ultimately end up having.

Getting supplies:

If you want to engage in the scrapbook making business, you must know where to get good materials. Locate a good supplier of paper and trinkets in your community and make sure that you have plenty of good supplys all the time. If you are planning to do a lot of scrapbooks, better buy your materials in bulk and get some kind of discount. If time is a issue you can shop online for your supplies. There are plenty of web sites to search though and find the supplies you will be needing. Just make sure you are buying your supplies from a reputable online store, so you don’t end up with poor quality supplies or worst.

Marketing your product:

The best way to market your product is to create samples and present them to your friends and family. You can start by asking close family members and friends if they want to have their keepsakes custom made. You may also display your designs during family gatherings and special occasions so that people will have some ideas of what you can do. If your designs are really good, a lot of people will be calling you about their scrapbooks sooner than you can imagine.

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