May 27, 2021

Scrap booking is not an old art. People have been doing this for years which is much more fun than putting everything inside a photo album.

The difference between a scrap book and an album is that the hobbyist can make changes to the background. These designs can vary per page and there is no limit to what can be done to make it look impressive.

Scrap booking is similar to any other activity the person chooses to engage in. This is because everything has to be ready so there won’t be any interruptions later on.

The first thing needed for the layout will be the materials. These include the pictures, scissors, glue, magazines, newspaper, writing material and of course the paper that makes up each page in the scrap book.

The best scrap books are made of paper that are acid and lignin free. Those who have this will not have a problem sticking pictures and cutouts as well as writing on the side when using chalk, crayon, pastel or a pen.

Scrap booking paper can easily be found in the bookstore. These are not only available in plain but also in floral or striped designs. This will surely help out the person who has no idea how to put the desired look for each page.

Manufacturers have also made the paper in different shapes and sizes. This gives the hobbyist the chance of making each one both memorable and unique compared to the previous project that was just finished.

There is no right or wrong way to come up with a layout. This goes to the imagination of the person. Things to keep in mind are the color scheme, the message the creator wants to convey and how each one will be seen in every page.

Those who having a hard time thinking about the type of layout for the scrap book don’t have to worry because there are websites that can help make it happen. There are templates that can be downloaded for free or a small fee which can be saved in the computer’s hard drive and used whenever these are necessary.

The first thing that people pay attention to when looking at each page of the scrap book is the center. So, the hobbyist should put a picture and then put the other stuff on the sides working outward or using the top to bottom approach.

A story can even happen as the layout is happening especially when there are three photos or more on a single page.

The only way for several pictures to fit in one page is to make the others look smaller. This involves using a pair of scissors or a cutter. Since nothing can be done when this has been done, it will be a good idea to practice this first with the accessories to make each one look perfect.

If the layout does not fit in one page, perhaps this can be done spread over two pages. The concept itself is still the same but in a much larger scale.

Layout scrap booking is a lot of fun. There are no limits to what can be done so the person should try one today or with others to get a feel of this hobby and then show this off to friends.

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