Organize Paper Crafts With Iris Organizers

If you like papercrafts such as scrapbooking, creating Smash Books, or designing paper dolls, then you probably have a lot of papers that need to be kept organised. As an organiser, what you want is something that will keep your documents flat while also keeping your tools and other materials close at reach. When I first started out in Smash Booking, I had a specific search in mind for anything like this.

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Best Scrapbook Cart

PERFECT FOR 12X12 PAPER AND VINYL – Very pleased with this cart! It seems stable and sturdy and good quality. The individual cases snap shut, but are easy to open, so this would be great for individuals with hand weakness or dexterity issues

Paper Drawers and More

The standard size for scrapbooking pages is a square of 12 inches. This is due to the fact that traditional scrapbooks were kept in that size. To prevent the corners of your papers from being damaged while maintaining a smooth surface, you will need some quite large flat regions. There were a lot of different options that I could choose from when I was looking for a way to arrange my paperwork, materials, and equipment. The design with the drawer was my favourite of the two. I wanted to be able to sift through my documents without having to dog-ear any of the corners, thus I needed a way to keep my papers flat.

Iris Designs for Paper Crafts

I came upon a brand of organisers made of papercraft called Iris. There are thin drawers for a wide variety of papers, as well as enough of space for the additional decorations and equipment that I need for working with paper. In addition, there is a lot of area for the tools and supplies that I use.

It would seem that there is a plethora of choice when it comes to papercraft organisers; nevertheless, when I discovered the Iris organisers, I felt as if I had found a kindred spirit in the appropriate sort of organisers.

Keeping Everything Together

One of the most important requirements that I have for the organisers that I use to store my craft supplies is that they be able to keep everything that I need for a certain project together. The second factor is that it should be simple to take out, put to use, and return back where it came from. In my experience with the Iris papercraft organisers, I came to that conclusion. Due to the fact that I use and like my first organiser so much, I have decided to get a second identical one. Because I become more skilled at a new craft more quickly than my supply collection does, I am able to effortlessly utilise a second one.

Choose your own Iris papercraft organiser and store all of those lovely papers and accessories in a single location for easy access. The time you spend making won’t be spent looking for supplies since you’ll be too busy working on the next project instead.

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