Organize Paper Crafts With Iris Organizers

If you are into papercrafts like scrapbooks, Smash Books, paper doll designs, then you have plenty of papers to keep organized. What you need as an organizer is something to keep your papers flat and your tools and extra supplies handy. That’s what I went looking for when I got into Smash Booking.

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Best Scrapbook Cart

PERFECT FOR 12X12 PAPER AND VINYL – Very pleased with this cart! It seems stable and sturdy and good quality. The individual cases snap shut, but are easy to open, so this would be great for individuals with hand weakness or dexterity issues

Paper Drawers and More

Typically, scrapbook papers are sized at 12 inches square. That’s because that is the size of traditional scrapbooks. This takes some good-sized flat spaces to keep your papers smooth without damaging corners. When I went to search out how to organize my papers, supplies, and tools, I found plenty of choices. What I liked best was the drawer version. I wanted to keep my papers flat and be able to search through them without dog-earing corners.

Iris Designs for Paper Crafts

I discovered a line of papercraft organizers by Iris. Thin drawers for plenty of different types of papers, but also plenty of room to store those little extra embellishments that I like to use and lots of space for my paper working tools.

There seem to be plenty of options for papercraft organizers, but when I saw the Iris organizers, I thought I had a kindred spirit in the right kind of organizers.

Keeping Everything Together

One of the big criteria I have for my craft supply organizers is that they can keep everything that I use for that particular craft together. The next criteria are that it’s easy to pull out, use, and put away. That’s what I found with the Iris papercraft organizers. My current organizer is going to grow into 2 pretty quickly just because I like my first so much. With the way I grow with a new craft, rather than my supplies grow, I can use a second one easily.

Pick out your own Iris papercraft organizer and put all those beautiful and delightful papers and embellishments all in one place. Your crafting time will be spent creating your next project, not searching for what you need.

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