Organizing Printed Patterns For Crafts

Don’t we all enjoy finding new patterns for our various craft projects? Finding free ones is even better. But then what? How many pages of free patterns do you have sitting around? I had plenty. Patterns from the freebies at my local craft store, freebies that I printed out from online sources, and pages copied from friends’ craft books.

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Best Portable Art & Craft Organizer With Handle

Practical and easy to carry – The dimensions of this bin are perfect for organizing your collection. You will overall happy with this purchase. Not sure how well it would fare for storing heavy items, but definitely works for purposes.

Turns out it was easy to organize them when I used a binder. I got a special binder just for my own crafting patterns. Then I sorted out all my pages of patterns and found I had natural divisions in types of crafts. Needlecrafts of knitting and crochet, sewing crafts of quilt patterns and blocks, and beaded patterns for jewelry.

I add to each pattern in my notebook a sticky note of what worked well, what I would change in doing it again, and ideas for color combinations. Any other notes that you like to add can go right into the binder. Even add a photo of the finished project if you have made it already.

Here are some of my favorite craft pattern organizing binders. Currently, my binder is getting a bit full. Time to get a new one!

When you are ready to get your craft supplies organized, make sure you also get your instructions pages organized. We are doing everything to make our crafting time more efficient.

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