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July 25, 2021

One of the fun and easy crafts is Paper Dolls. Most little girls have at some point enjoyed paper dolls and the many variations. But, now Paper Dolls have grown up. The crafts are for adults as well. So gather your crayons, markers or paints and be prepared to have some fun.

Talented artist and teacher KarenTBTen has created an informative page about how to make your own paper dolls. She has loaded it with lots of resources for everything from basic paper doll making to some quite creative ways to make Paper Dolls the grown-up way.

Here is one of my favorite books on the craft of paper doll making. Author Rhonda Rainey gives her readers more than their money’s worth with tons of ideas and how-tos to make charming and amazing paper dolls and the fancy clothes to go with them. Click on the image to purchase it.

One of the popular trends in paper doll making is to create dolls from the Victorian era. Here are two outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl. They are free for you to size and print out, then color in and create your own Victorian children. Use the advice and tips in Karen’s article to end with a set of charming young children, all dressed and ready for a party.

Then enjoy learning and creating delightful paper dolls to display your own artistic talent. Next, we will be learning how to make Waldorf Dolls, so stayed tuned. Or better yet, subscribe to our updates and don’t miss any of our articles.

Crafting Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf Dolls are little charmers that any child, girl or boy would love to have. These are based on the premise that children’s imaginations are stimulated better with simple toys. So these dolls are very gentle faces with minimal detail and simple modest clothes. For true Waldorf Dolls, only natural craft supplies are allowed. Nothing synthetic. Here you can learn to make Waldorf Dolls for your own children.

MamaBush has written a great article all about the patterns that you need to make Waldorf Dolls. She explains how the process is done, and what you need. But, don’t despair if you would like to try this new craft before investing in all the supplies and tools needed. There are some great kits available. Here is one that is a favorite. It includes everything you need to make the dolls pictured and uses only the natural supplies. Click on the image to get one.

You may not be a sewer, but still interested in getting Waldorf Dolls. Well, you are in luck! Several companies are making Waldorf Dolls. A German toy company named Kathy Kruse, has been making natural toys for 125 years and also make Waldorf Dolls. Master toy artisans make each doll by hand with great attention to important details that make these dolls so sturdy. Click on the image to see more about it and get one for yourself.

Your children, grandchildren, neices and nephews, and any child that you make a Waldorf Doll for will treasure it. These are the kind that will be saved for years to come.

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