Personal Journaling – Strategies To Make It Easy

author:Vera Raposo
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

Recently I was watching the Oprah show and it was about doing something really great in someones life. Was it buying them a special gift? Or taking them out? Not really.
It was about saying something really special to them. Telling a child how beautiful they are.
Telling someone you love how you appreciate their beauty, how you love spending your life with them.
Comments like these last for that person and makes an “imprint” on them for the rest of their life. Especially to children.
When I was a child my mother had an album for me, you know the magnetic kind. But she did something different….
She wrote words of love on the pages.
I remember sitting and looking at my album over and over at the pen on those pages, know how much she loved me because I read those words over and over.
They also say, “Children live what they learn.”
Isn’t that so true?
We all know as scrapbookers how important journaling is to our albums, but alot of us get stuck with what to say.
Sometimes we feel like robots writing down, the place time, etc.
Next time you sit down to journal remember that your child will read your words over and over. And how much your love will be conveyed to them.
You don’t need to write a long story about your day to the beach. Even simple statements can show your child how you loved your day with them.
Personal journaling is exactly that. Your own personal story about your time with your child.
Learn how to convey your true self to your child. Honour your day with your handwriting, and your child will read it over and over again like I did as a child.
Enjoy journaling for your baby!

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