April 30, 2021

Bonding with kids is important for their emotional quotient. Sharing moments with them like going out, joining activities in school, and simply having great dinner in fancy restaurants with them are just some of the affairs they remember worthwhile as a child growing up with parents. How about indoors?

There is one activity parent and child could engage doing at home without thinking of mistakes and errors. That is kit scrapbooking. Fancy ready-made scrapbook kits are sold online. Some of them have additional items like stencils, camera, paints, colors, stickers and many other ready to tweak stuff. It could cost but what matters is the activity it could give to a child.

It promotes bonding while spending the time together. Most of these scrapbook kits are to be assembled with instructions. For such an activity, the child is inclined to follow what was instructed, with mommy’s help. What is fun is expecting the outcome of the project. You can never lose with scrapbooking kits because they could be kept as a nice remembrance of the shared moment.

How would feel as an adult looking at a scrapbook kit you assembled with your mom when you were just 6 years old? You could just imagine the wonder and joy it can remind you of the good old days!

If you don’t want to spend a single cent in scrapbooking kit, why not make you own set? You can start making the layout of your scrapbook by occasion. If you really have serious passion with scrapbooking, it takes a good mood to list down ideas on how you will start with making workable templates. You can list down important events that happen most of the time in your yearly routines like the following:

CHILD’S BIRTHDAY – if you have more than one sibling, you can decide on working a template based on their favorite colors, do sketches on how you will come up with each child’s theme and decide to finish the layout later. You can also make a pink theme for girls and blue for boys.

ANNIVERSARIES – you can make concept for you and your husband’s yearly celebration. You can provide space for memorable pictures, cards, and dried flowers, which you can insert for the scrapbook. No formalities needed as long as the layout is organized and worth to cherish and will look unique in each glance.

SEASONS – Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations may be the busiest times of the year. Cards may flood in for everyone in the family. It takes some thinking to realize you may also provide a space even for the stamps used in sending the snail mails. You should also keep dedications with dates. These are good elements to work on with a template for an effective scrapbooking Christmas kit.

HALLOWEEN – could be the coolest themes you can have for scrapbooks. Lots of pictures and fun images could go well with a template. Kids are definitely interested in looking at their spooky photos attached to a good scrapbook. You can create a kit by working with scanned images you can use even in the future and for mass production, which you can distribute to involved relatives.

Yes, creating scrapbooking kits may be all about distributing the template for beloved relatives who shared important memories with you. You could collect images, reproduce them by scanning, make instructions and compile them in kits. Send them to at least 5 to 10 relatives. Call a reunion and require them to bring and show each other the assembled kits. Isn’t that a fun idea?

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