Reuse, Recycle And Recreate A Bunny Craft

It’s been a popular trend in crafts for several years and promises to be so for many years to come. Reuse old items to recycle them and recreate some thing entirely different. Make use of some of those leftover craft supplies to turn those recycled items into a new craft.

We have all heard of people taking boring or uninteresting quilts and rebuilding them with new borders, new blocks and new looks. You may be one of those people who takes apart jewelry you no longer like and recycle the beads and gems into new pieces.

Raise your hands. How many of you are guilty of taking an old pair of jeans and recycling it into a shoulder bag or tote? Yes, my hand is raised, too.

But, let’s take it step further. How about a denim bunny for Easter favors? You can use the craft supplies you already have. Those bits and pieces of yarn, ribbons and cotton balls along with old jeans can be turned into bunny magnets or bunny pillows.

I have to admit, this isn’t something I’ve done, but thinking about it. Here’s how I would like to try it out. Cut out a bunny silhouette shape from a worn out pair of jeans. Seal the raw edges with a bit of satin stitching. Glue, or sew, on a ribbon around the bunny neck. I imagine a bright pink ribbon. Glue on a googly eye and a cotton ball for the tail. Finally, glue a magnet to the back of the bunny.

OK, yes, this sounds easy. And I am guilty of thinking something is easy until I actually try it out. Many times I am rudely awakened, but I don’t think so this time. As long as the bunny is small enough and the magnet large enough to keep the bunny stiff.

This could also work as a pillow bunny. Take the leg of a worn out pair of jeans and cut out a larger bunny silhouette. Put right sides together and sew, leaving the bottom open for stuffing. Stuff with left over quilt batting, then sew up the opening. Ty a bright ribbon around the bunny neck, glue on googly eyes on either side of the head. Finally make a white yarn pompom and glue on as a tail.

Either of these are using up extra craft supplies, especially those small pieces that you really have no idea why you’re keeping. Now you know! Plus you are reusing, recycling and recreating.

Do you have other ideas for reusing or recycling or recreating? Share them with us. We all enjoy learning a new trick or two to make use of those leftover craft supplies.

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