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July 25, 2021

Whether you do scrapbooking or not, you may very well enjoy creating your own scrapbook calendar. Not only creative for your crafty side but useful for you to keep your craft projects planned out in time to get them done next year.

Karen Foster Scrapbook Calendar Kit

I found this fabulous kit to make my own scrapbook calendar. It’s loaded with 12 different background pages, good quality stickers for all the extras that you need including decorations, month titles, days of the week, even holidays.

It’s a Karen Foster Design so it’s made with high-quality stock, not the least bit flimsy, and good stickers, too. This was one of those fun projects to make and the end result turned out marvelous.
This is also a great gift for someone who enjoys craft projects but doesn’t want to get into learning something entirely new. Whether you make this kit for yourself or give it to someone else, it’s a perfect project for a fun scrapbook calendar.

Kits for Making Your Own Calendars for 2022

You don’t really need to be outrageously creative to make your own scrapbook calendar for 2022. These kits are designed to help you get started. Add in your own stickers, photos, stampings, or anything else that grabs you for a truly unique calendar.

Keeping Organized in Your Craft Projects

If you are following the Crafting for Profit series here, you may be wanting to get yourself set up in business for selling your crafts. One of the best things you can do is to get organized. And a calendar is a great start.

This is where you can start planning your events for the year. If you sell your crafts at local fairs, make sure to write them down and then plan ahead for getting your goods made. You want to have a nice selection available for each fair. If you sell online, you want to plan for the various holidays, plan out the launch of a new line of products, or plan out your promotional events.

No matter how you look at it, calendars are valuable for all of us. As long as you love crafting, why not enjoy a crafty type of calendar? Have some fun with your own creative juices and a scrapbook calendar.

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