Scrapbook Storage Solution For Small Spaces

If you have a passion for scrapbooking, but lack space, it can be very difficult. You might be forced to keep all of your scrapbook storage in a cabinet, closet or even possibly on to of your refrigerator.

Having an actual space designated just for your scrapbook storage can really help when your supplies start to accumulate.

That way you can easily find all the items you need to make your scrapbook projects easier and more efficient. It can get pretty time consuming having to sort through a mountain of materials to find the things you need.

Here are some easy ideas that will help you with your scrapbook storage when you are lacking on space.

Install some shelves:

Find a wall that you can dedicate for scrapbook storage. Even in cramped spaces, you should be able to find a wall that you can use for your scrapbook storage.

When you have found a great wall, install shelving from the floor to the ceiling. If you can’t build out, you can always build up.

You can place doors on the shelves if you don’t want all of your supplies showing. Another great idea is to use bins that fit well on the shelves to organize and store your supplies.

You can write on the outside of the bins with markers, or take a Polaroid of what’s inside the bin and hot glue it to the outside of the bin.

This makes for quick access to all of your supplies. You can purchase office supply paper holder to place in your shelves and separate your papers as well.

Maximize your space:

The key to scrapbook storage for small spaces is to maximize your space. You want to be able to get as much as you can in as small an area as you can. If you don’t have enough room for shelving, try an ‘under the bed’ container to keep your scrapbook supplies in.

You can purchase these from any home supply store. Place your small items such as stickers, markers, or small embellishments in labeled Ziploc bags and place them in your under the bed organizer. You can also keep things like paper and other supplies in here.

A fun resource for really simple scrapbooking organizers is

This is great for people with very limited space who need scrapbook storage. You can pull out the organizer any time you need to, and your items are still organized and you can get to them quickly.

If you have to, you can always dedicate one of the kitchen cabinets for your scrapbook storage. Just take all of the food out of it and put them in the other cabinets. This should only be done if you have absolutely not space at all to work with otherwise.

No matter who you are or what your space is like, you can create scrapbook storage if you use your imagination and work with what you have. Use these great ideas to help you come up with a scrapbook storage plan today.

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