April 18, 2021

Passion for scrapbooking can lead to business opportunity. If you have the flair business, you will convert your hobby into a money-earning asset.


Make studies on how you can harness prospective customers when you start your own system of putting up a scrapbooking store. Of course, you will waste money on a weak strategy and set-up. Where will you put up a store? Will you operate it online or you will rent a place and hire people? The latter is big deal because it will involve overhead cost. Prior to that you will first consult an accountant and a coach before you can finalize on spending money for the store. But given the motivation of unique selling point, you can do all the concepts you want to reach the edge of your desired business.

Online scrapbooking is another option if you want to cater to global market. Put up a nice paid website and maximize the use of Internet to optimize your visitors whose hobbies are centered in doing scrapbooks. Remember that you are selling happiness and a placeholder of memories, which people can keep for many years. It establishes closeness to families and close clans.

For an online scrapbooking store, you can do what it takes to use search engine optimization. You can hire a website who can put up e-commerce sites and help you with the payment scheme methods, flow and traffic in your site, and most of all marketing. The website itself is the marketing medium of your business, although it operates virtually. Expect to be spending costs on domain name, web hosting, contents, and some freebies.

The disadvantage of online store is when traditional customers are not yet open to the idea of getting stuff ordered online. Others would prefer the touch of textures of paper and materials than just browsing through images, which will more likely be affected by the network connections.

Given all the creativity and strong will to put up one, there is nothing impossible. If you have skills in computers, you can even put up your own web design and do the graphic arts yourself. Basically, those who plunge to online stores are those who are computer savvy enough to do the basic tasks rather than depending on hired people alone.

As soon as the business flourish on its own, one can hire and even train people on how they can create scrapbooks for business. Of course, this will go to another category and phase of scrapbooking store. Now the question is: are you going to put up a merchandise of goodies, or are you going to render services?

Once you brainstorm with your scrapbooking teammates, you will realize the scheme will adjust depending on what all of you want to render to people. But when it comes to creativity, the options are endless. It will always be the question of how much your customer would want to spend in indulging with scrapbooking.

Anyway, this will all be studied first before diving to the idea of doing a business out of scrapbooking. You can directly sell goodies in a rented space and provide other items like a typical bookshop. Customers can combine thoughts for scrapbook making, and you have a counter with a creative crew to help customers make up their minds. Just remember, scrapbooking is all about creating memories.

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