Scrapbooking Faq: Getting Started In Scrapbooking

* What is scrapbooking?

It is a hobby: a personalized compilation of photos, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and other important memorabilia which is pasted in a scrapbook and decorated with accessories such as ribbons, fancy lettering, stickers, die cuts and trinkets.

Scrapbooking is a unique way of preserving memories by decorating the page with accessories by theme depending on the event.

* How do you get started scrapbooking?

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started with scrapbooking:

First, gather up your photos and try to organize them. This part may be the most time-consuming of all, so in order to save time try organizing for one book at a time. For example, if you are preparing for a baby scrapbook, then just find and organize baby photos that you like. Choose only the cutest and most memorable pictures, and then put them in chronological order.

The next step is laying out the pages. It is important to lay out everything before starting to make it permanent or before actually gluing anything into place.

If you think you aren’t creative enough, there are lots of layout ideas available on the internet. Everyone has own sense of style and creativity, so all you have to do is start working on it.

* Are there different kinds of scrapbooking?

Yes, there are different types of scrapbooks and they are categorized according into themes. Examples are: a baby scrapbook, a marriage scrapbook, a Christmas scrapbook, or a vacation scrapbook. There are also digital scrapbooks and paper ones.

* What is digital scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking is done on the computer. It allows you to make great scrapbooks of any complexity from photos of any quality with a speedy processing.

Many people think it is difficult to master digital scrapbooking, and this is partly true, so if you really want to learn the techniques, allow a couple of days for reading manuals, understanding common graphic software, and doing some exercises on the computer before you actually start doing your own scrapbook.

* What do people do with digital scrapbook pages?

People can now have the ease of adjusting their layouts without spending too much on materials. They can edit them any way they want because there are so many varieties of software available for digital scrapbooking.

People can send a digital scrapbook page directly to their friends and family members by email. They can also have it printed and save it as a keepsake.

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