April 25, 2021

If you really think about it, scrapbooking is the process of putting together seemingly different images and items together to create a synergized layout that tells a story through a visual dialogue. Not all photographs are created equal.

Some photographs can convey a complete story all by itself but more often than not, some photographs are too vague or simple to be able to tell the viewer something. If the person viewing a photo has no personal memory of that particular snapshot, it is difficult to be able to tell much about the image.

Thanks to scrapbooking and its many practitioners, we now can share and enjoy photographs enhanced by other visuals to be able to convey emotions, memories and the story behind them. While scrapbooking may not be for everyone, it can hardly be argued that anyone who views a wonderfully made scrapbook will enjoy the experience.

While there are no set rules and guidelines on how to create a scrapbook, the most important and basic trait one will need is creativity. Afterall, the person who makes a scrapbook will need to be able to tell a story from photographs and some other items.

You can cut out and make your own elements for use in a scrapbook but if you are pressed for time and cannot find the right visuals within your own things, you can always resort to the vast items available for purchase from scrapbooking stores and supplies. More and more people use these items for their scrapbooking and this is backed up by the fact that more and more scrapbooking items and elements are introduced in the market to answer the consumer demand.

Using these commercial scrapbooking items need not take away from your creativity in producing your scrapbook layouts. Your use and ingenuity in utilizing these items needs your creativity. Creativity is the ability to be able to think out of the box so limitations are a no-no for the scrapbooking process. While it may be easy and ideal to use the traditional scrapbooking elements in your layout, why not go step further and use materials you can scrounge up that actually belong to that snapshot. You can use actual materials to create further depth, texture and color to your showcase.

Do not stop there however. How about exercising your creativity further by using some sketches in your scrapbooking projects. Instead of using other mediums to develop your photographs to tell a story, why not expand your snapshots by making actual sketches around it. Perhaps you can creatively sketch images or ideas that cannot be conveyed by a simple snapshot.

Simply put, you do not have to limit yourself and your creativity by simply adding other items and materials to your scrapbook layouts. You can creatively use your own sketches in scrapbooking. If you don’t happen to be good at sketching, don’t let this stop you from this endeavor.

You can also create or transform certain images into sketches by using your personal computer. It is in by no means cheating if you do this. Applying the aid of technology simply helps your creative juices to continue springing forth. The creative sketch you use in scrapbooking need not even be your own or even electronically achieved.

Why not incorporate a sketch done by the subject of the photograph or photographs you are trying to showcase. For instance, if you are making a layout for your young child, you ca add their personal sketches into the layout for a truly creative scrapbook.

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