Specialty Bags For Travelling Crafters – Get Organized With Craft Tote Bags & Commuter Bags

Basic Tote Bags For Crafters

Basic tote bags work great for all those crafts that have few supplies you want to actually organize. I use a basic tote for my crochet projects. I usually only carry the yarn, my crochet hook, and a small pair of scissors. It all goes right into the tote without extra frills. When I am working on a kit, everything I need is usually contained in the kit itself so I don’t need room to do more organizing of my craft supplies.

But, I love cute bags, especially when I carry them around with me. They will always get a remark. Here are some favorites. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more basic tote bags for your craft supplies.

Specialty Tote Bags For Crafters

When we leave the house, why leave our crafts behind? I carry a craft or two just about everywhere I go. Sometimes I need a specialty tote bag to make sure I have all the supplies I need for that particular craft project. Specialty tote bags make traveling with a craft project just plain easier.

By the way, they make great gifts for our crafty friends and relatives, too. We chose our favorites and hope you find one that’s just perfect for you, too. Click on your pick to see more about it, purchase it or browse for more specialty tote bags.

Commuter Bags For Crafters

Commuter bags make idea craft tote bags. They can function for just about everything you need. One large main compartment with two small front compartments allows you to carry your craft supplies along for most any project.

They can be easily customized for more function with optional add-in pockets. Lightweight and forms to your body, these bags allow you carry your craft project anywhere with ease.

Designs both inside and out make them stunning to see. We’ve picked out our favorites here. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it along with any of the many extras you like, or browse more commuter bags for your craft supplies.

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