child in saint patricks day costume
July 25, 2021

When we went looking for craft ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, we found a wonderful website, with lots of fun ideas to make crafts for the whole family. Then we found one that all of us are very excited to make.

It’s called Washcloth Shamrock and Heart Wall Decoration and it is a charming way to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. The instructions are very clear, but you do need to do some sewing for this and you need patterns to cut out both the hearts and the shamrocks.

The little hearts and shamrocks are stuffed, so they look like little pillows, then alternated on a ribbon. Embellishments like buttons and beads are added to create a very charming wall hanging.

Although the instructions use 3 shamrocks and 2 hearts, we are making ours with 4 shamrocks and 4 hearts and making the whole thing much larger than suggested. But, that’s just the fun of us doing it! We do enjoy changing things around to create our own approach.

This is a fun project for a craft party as well. Since it involves different types of skills, the sewer among us is creating the heart and shamrock pillows, our talented designer is adding the embellishments and our needlecraft expert is putting it all together.

Visit Craft Ideas to see many more projects for St. Patrick’s Day.

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