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July 23, 2021

With so many crafters wanting to make money selling their crafts, we continue our series on Crafting for Profit. No matter what crafts you sell, you want to take care that they are in the best condition possible. That’s what we’ll talk about here, how to store and transport your craft items for sale.

Combine Home Storage with Transport Units

Many of us make use of local craft fairs to sell our items. That’s a great way to get started in the craft-for-profit business. But, before you go to a craft fair, you need to have enough items to sell. Save yourself the trouble and store all of those items in a large enough container that you can take along with you.

If you sell large items, make sure you have a large enough container to store and carry them. You want the kind with the lid. That helps you both at home and while transporting your crafts. You keep dust and dirt off your items and protect them from the weather as you transport them to fairs and other physical selling locations.

Make Use of Good Organization for Your Storage

As a crafter who sells all over the place, both online and at fairs and shops, keeping all of my items organized is a huge time saver. Decide what your specialty items are, what your extra or supporting items are, and what the other things you want to display for sale. Then make sure you have separate containers appropriate for each.

For example, I do lots of quilting. I make plenty of lap quilts to sell, but I also make quilted tea cozies, quilted handbags, and doll quilts among others. The lap quilts need to be folded, so they go in a larger container. The other items can lay flat to fit in a large container. Then my display equipment goes into a separate container. All of my promotional tools, like business cards, brochures, photo albums of my custom work go in a smaller container.

All of my containers, no matter what I use them for, are plastic and lidded, just like the ones I have featured here. That way all my craft items are kept clean and free of moisture at home, then ready to brave any kind of weather while being transported.

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More About Crafting for Profit

Many people are looking for advice about selling their crafted items. That’s what this whole series is about. How to turn your love of crafting into a profitable business. There are many articles that will help you make the most of your time and effort. No matter what you do, make sure your crafts are the best they can be. Buyers are out there and it’s part of your job to find them. More about that is coming.

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