The 10 Most Essential Items For Every Scrapbooking Kit

There are so many scrapbooking supplies out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. As you do more and more scrapbooking you will start to put together many items into a kit. You can start your kit with the 10 items below. They are tried-and-true tools that belong in the arsenal of every serious scrapbooker.

*A Scrapbooking Album*

This one’s a no brainer, you can’t scrapbook without an album. There are a wide variety of them out there in different shapes and sizes. Be sure to pick one that matches your theme and colors. If you take the time to find the perfect one it will make all the difference in your project.

*A Pair of Scissors*

A nice, sharp pair of scissors is a must for the serious scrapbooker. In fact, we recommend having a pair that is only used for your scrapbooking. That way you won’t have to deal with lost or dull scissors.


You certainly don’t want your scrapbook pieces falling apart on you. Unfortunately, that might be exactly what happens if you chose the wrong adhesive. As a rule, any kind of children’s glue or cheap gluesticks will cause problems. Some of the best adhesives are photo tab dispensers, and double sided tape runners. Whatever adhesive you chose, make sure that is acid-free.


Unless you want to get your hands messy and smudge up your scrapbook pages you’ll need some tweezers. They make placing small pieces on your scrapbook a snap.

*Scrapbook Paper*

Make sure the size of your scrapbook paper matches the size of the album you are using. Great scrapbooking paper will be also be acid-free and may be described as buffered or lignin-free. Card stock is also a great paper to have around as it can be used for many things related to scrapbooking.


A good pen is also a must for scrapbooking. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a basic black pen that is acid-free. You may want to add more pens with different colors as your scrapbooking kit grows.

*Paper Trimmer*

A paper trimmer is a necessary tool for cutting straight and making squares. There are several different sizes of trimmer and all of them are useful. It’s probably best to start with a 12″ paper trimmer but you may also want to get a smaller one for portability reasons.

*Eyelet Setter Kit*

Some of our favorite scrapbooks use eyelets for embellishments. Without an eyelet setter kit you won’t be able to use these handy little guys. Fortunately they are easy to find online or at most craft stores. They are also affordable.


These are the little things that give a scrapbook character: Stickers, eyelets, buttons, charms, etc. Go for embellishments that match the theme of your scrapbook. Have fun collecting these!

*A Great Scrapbooking Book*

Need some scrapbooking ideas? You’ll usually be able to get some inspiration if you have a good idea book around. Becky Higgins and Tracy White are both authors who have written some fantastic books on the subject of scrapbooking.

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