The Fun Of Smash Booking

For some of you, this may not be a novel craft, but it definitely is for me. I have developed a passionate attachment to Smash Books. It is highly enticing to me to be creative in a more constrained area due to the fact that it is easier and more enjoyable. I’d like to introduce you to Smash Books in case you haven’t come across the name before.

Scrapbooking or More

K & Company, a manufacturer of scrapbooking products like as papers, edges, punches, and more, is the company that came up with the idea for Smash Books. They realised there was a need for smaller copies of the regular scrapbook, which is 12 inches square. However, they made these books to be more than simply a miniature replica of a scrapbook in terms of their appearance. For starters, the pages are made to be written on. That’s how they’re intended. They are resistant to bleeding and distortion when exposed to a wide variety of inks. This demonstrates that a Smash Book may also serve the purpose of a journal. Because the patterns on the pages themselves are attractive and different, you do not have to cover the page in order to have an intriguing look.

Theme Smash Books

K & Company started including a variety of topics into their books and color-coded the binding to correspond with the topics. An example of this would be the book in green, which is called an eco-book. The photographs, drawings, and works of art all focus on natural themes, yet the pink binding conceals pages with a greater emphasis on flower motifs and feminine design. And there are a plethora of options available in the middle.

My Smash Book and It’s Design

The smallest one, which is known as a mini, is the one I decided to begin with. The binding on each of the other volumes is a spiral, but the little book does not have a binding. I wanted a book that might serve as a source of motivation for me, so I decided to make my own Smash Book. I haven’t finished filling all of the pages, but I have enough of them with tonnes of quotations, drawings, and photos that will hopefully inspire you. I have used scrapbook materials to cover what I’ve finished on the pages I’ve already done, and then I’ve put in the types of things that I find inspiring. However, you are free to construct your Smash Book in any manner that you see fit. It works well for pretty about everything you can think of!

You should make a Smash Book for yourself and let your imagination run wild with it. These books are affordable enough that you may work on many of them at once, each having its own unique type of topics. If you would rather have a “starting kit,” there are other kits available that include a large quantity of smaller sheets and additional components. Keep in mind that Smash Books and kits make wonderful presents as well.

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