There seems to be a new craze that is taking the picture-taking planet by storm.

I have never gone to a scrapbook party in my life and I had no idea what to expect. I immediately became addicted to Creative Memories scrapbook supplies and projects once I started one of my own. There were lots of items to choose from and my little pictures actually turned into something like pages out of a storybook.

What I love about the Creative Memories scrapbook meetings is that they are designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. You are also surrounded by others who are engaged in making wonderful displays so you have a great resource for inspiration. The arrangement is simple and you can start your Creative Memories scrapbook project immediately.

Each person arrived with a donation for the very good cause. We were then seated by a starter kit donated by the Creative Memories scrapbook representative. I was overwhelmed by her generosity but she said that many of the items were discontinued by the company anyway so she really didn’t view it as much of a sacrifice.

Even the discontinued Creative Memories scrapbook starter kits were excellent in design and quality. In no time at all I was on my way to making a wonderful presentation that I will share with my family. Of course, I chose my daughter as the subject of interest. This is a great starting point for a beginner because there are tons of great ideas for newborn baby pages.

I found lots of die cast cutouts and adorable stickers among the items for sale at the scrapbook meeting. Many other moms had left over stickers and details for these kinds of pages that they wouldn’t be using. The Creative Memories scrapbook function is wonderful for trading and sharing tools.

There are so many items that you need when you are completing such projects. Many of us don’t have the money to invest in this kind of hobby but when you attend a Creative Memories scrapbook workshop most of the tools of the trade are available. Other tools are passed around by generous crafters.

It is amazing how a fundraiser can educate you about a serious illness while opening the door to a whole new hobby. The Creative Memories scrapbook fundraiser did just that for me.

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