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July 25, 2021

Don’t we just love any excuse to have a party? March is National Craft Month. What better excuse to have a crafting party. You and your guests can make something special for everyone to take home.

Planning a Crafting Party

You get started by thinking about a craft that you know very well. Or maybe you have a crafty friend who can be the “teacher” for your party. For example, if you are good at flower arranging, you could set up the theme of the crafting party to be “make a centerpiece.”

Imagine the delight your guests will have when they all end up with a new centerpiece for their home.

Ideas for Providing Crafting Supplies

There are different options for collecting together the craft supplies you will need. If you can afford it, you supply everything needed yourself. If not, don’t panic. Just ask your guests to bring some supplies with them. Using the centerpiece idea, ask your guests to bring a vase or container that they would like to use, while you supply the flowers, ribbons, or other accents. Always make sure to keep your craft supplies well organized for easier access.

Alternately, you could ask each of your guests to sign up for one of the items necessary for each to use. With this situation, you will need to somewhat balance the costs for the guests. Lump together smaller, less expensive items as one, so that no one spends way more or way less than others.

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Crafting Party Refreshments

You can also share the refreshments. Consider having your crafting party as a tea party, too. You can see the fun of how that can work here. Ask your guests to bring their favorite finger food while you supply the tea.

If you have a craft room, consider holding the party there. But set up your refreshments in a different room. Sometimes the fun of taking a break during the middle of the party works.

If you don’t have a separate room for crafts, make sure you protect your craft supplies, works in progress and finished products from spills and crumbs. That can be a separate table for the refreshments if necessary.

Using National Craft Month

This is one of those things that we crafty people have been doing for awhile. We take turns hosting the parties and always come home with a new trick, tip or even new craft talent, along with a take-home item. If you haven’t tried it, National Craft Month is the best time to get started.

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