beige needlework on wooden frame in light room
July 25, 2021

During February, we are sharing some of the great pages we found to help you learn a new craft. Knitting is one of those. It’s cold for most of us during February, so we started thinking of warm hats, sweaters, and lap blankets. That results in knitting for us!

Well, one of us has never knitted before, so she asked me to teach her. I admit I am an experienced knitter, having created many, many sweaters, hats, scarves, and blankets of all sizes and styles. But, what I can’t really do is teach.

So I went looking for a way to help my friend learn to knit. The real basics. Not just how to knit, but the craft supplies needed, the stitch patterns, basically everything. And I found just what I was looking for.

Learn to Knit on YouTube is the answer. Boutique shops have crafted a great page with a wonderful collection of videos from YouTube showing all the basics of how to knit. She pulled everything together for you in one place.

Even with my experience, I learned a little from these videos. The different videos go through the basics, teaching you how to hold the knitting needles, how to handle the yarn, and how to make your first sets of stitches. You see how to plan and start a project. Seeing knitting in action is a great way to learn. We were thrilled to discover this page.

With your new project, try a new specialty tote just for yarn crafts. This is one of my favorites and I hope one of yours, too.

Take some time this year and learn a new craft. It can be fun and you will have a new way to be creative. What craft have you always wanted to learn? Let us know and we can add that to our line up of craft basics.

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